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ESXi NIC Teaming for maximizing performance

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  • ESXi NIC Teaming for maximizing performance

    Hi All,

    I'm wondering if i could use both of the NIC connection at the same time to boost performance ?

    in the attached screen shot one is currently disabled ?

    I'm using ESXi 4 with the latest patch and this is Dell Power Edge 2950-III Broadcom NetExtreme II NIC and Intel Pro 1000 MT with TOE NIC, while the switch the Switch is just a dumb switch of HP Procurve 1800-24G which supports Gigabit

    all of the cables is Cat6 and the IP address currently assigned to this ESXi host is just one.

    any kind of suggestion to optimize the current configuration would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: ESXi NIC Teaming for maximizing performance

    As always it depends.

    Better performance for what? if you are looking for network connectivity to your VM's - unless they are suffering from saturation on the link - I do not think that adding the second NIC will add that much more.

    If you are looking for getting better performance on your network connection to the storage that is another story

    In any event - below is a link to:

    VMware's KB on Link Aggregation

    An Amazing post by Chad Sakac on iScsi performance
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      Re: ESXi NIC Teaming for maximizing performance

      Hi Maish,

      Thanks for replying to my thread.

      Yes, Actually I'm looking for improving the storage network which is in the attached image one cable has it's own IP Subnet and connected to each own vSwitch.

      I'm wondering if there is any setting that i configured wrongly, the attached is the vSwitch1 which connected to the MD3000i VMFS.
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