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Setting up DNS in VMware Workstation

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  • Setting up DNS in VMware Workstation

    I am trying to setup a virtual (practice) domain within VMWare Workstation. I have installed Windows Server 2008 in one VM and Windows Vista Enterprise in another (for now).

    I have the Server 2K8 VM setup as my domain controller and am attempting to also set it up as a DNS server. Problem is I've never done this before (the reason I am practicing) and am getting stuck.

    I have these VMs setup in a Team and in a LAN segment.

    Any and all help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Setting up DNS in VMware Workstation

    How exactly are you "getting stuck"?

    If you already have AD running on the server, then there must already be a functioning DNS server somewhere...
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      Re: Setting up DNS in VMware Workstation

      For AD to function it needs DNS, this will at least allow resolution of addresses within the test domain.

      More information is definately needed to advise on this one.