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Utilizing two different datastore for ESXi 4 fault tolerance with vcenter server 4

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  • Utilizing two different datastore for ESXi 4 fault tolerance with vcenter server 4

    Hi All,

    I'm looking for your suggestion and advise in utilizing the empty unused Local SATA-II datastore for my VM.

    I've got the following ESXi 4.0 build 164009 and a valid license of vSphere Essentials license, therefore I could use VCB but the problem is that using NBD from the SAN into the backup server is way too slow it took 55 hrs to fullbackup the whole 1 TB VMFS partition (D2D over 2 network subnet).

    and now I'm thinking that rather than using backup solution Is it possible to clone the VM on the fly to more than 2 datastore like clustering service fault tolerance? (in this case to local datastore and the SAN_VMFS) in case there is a failure in the SAN, the VM can run off the Local Datastore, well it doesn't have to be realtime though.

    or perhaps there is a VCB backup that can copy the VM from he SAN VMFS into the local datastore vmfs ? that is also possible.

    The reason that I chose this configuration is that direct connection from the SAN into the ESXi servers without anything in the middle, can eliminate the single point of failure caused by the Switch and also provide redundancy.

    each color in the iSCSI network is different IP subnet by itself. from the ESXi into the production network i put two cable connected to two different ports and then add those pNIC into same vSwitch for failover

    Any kind of comments will be greatly appreciated.

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