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strange issue with vmx files

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  • strange issue with vmx files

    Hi, I have a vm that has 2 Disks, one for the OS and should be in its own datastore and one for the data, both should be on a SAN

    recently my Operating System is now in a local datastore on the ESX box and this is the working directory and this is where all the delta files are and it does not look like my data vmdk file is being updated

    Under the OS datastore there is at least 20 FileandPrint folders all under each other and now there is a FileandPrint.vmdk file and FileandPrint-Flat.vmdk file under the first FileandPrint Directory

    I would like to move all my Operating System files include the vmx file from the local datastore onto the SAN under the OS datastore and have the working files under the larger datastore where the data vmdk file is

    the local store justs keeps growing and eventually crashes as it runs out of space and I loose access to my server until we merge the snapshots back manually (vmware support did this as I was out of the office)

    is there a way to move everything

    I was going to move the vmx files etc with the server down and create a new vm and use current vmdk files but would like the working files in my large datastore with the data vmdk file is

    I hope this makes some sense

    thank you

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    Re: strange issue with vmx files

    Details will probably be different for which environment you're in. If you're using Virtual Center you can migrate a powered-off VM to another host/datastore. Just go through the migrate wizard and choose to move the VM files when prompted.

    Also if the VM must stay powered on you can do a "Storage VMotion", which simply relocates your VM data files to a datastore of your choice. In pre-vSphere environments a plugin is needed:

    I've yet to use vSphere, but I've read this functionality is included in that release.


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      Re: strange issue with vmx files

      I agree with Mr. Bouse.