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Exchange 2007 Virtulization

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  • Exchange 2007 Virtulization

    We are looking at migrating to Exchange 2000, one of the options is to virtulise our exchange.

    We have been recommended to use HP Blades with a HP Lefthand SAN.

    Our current exchange hosts 850 mailboxes and is access by about 1000 users, mostly via webmail, and the rest via Outlook 2002/XP

    What are the pitfalls, do and donts about virtulizing Exchange 2007?

    I have downloaded a number of the VMWare PDF documents just not read through them all yet



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    Re: Exchange 2007 Virtulization

    This is worth reviewing.

    Exchange 2007 allows roles to split, so I can't see why virtualisation would cause an issue. I would still consider physical servers for the mailbox holders. The document above also touches on the support and limitations of virtualising Exchange. It depends on the features and setup of Exchange 2007.


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      Re: Exchange 2007 Virtulization

      Our organization just recently finished a GroupWise to Exchange 2007 migration. We chose to make all our Exchange servers virtual and really have had no problems. We support 1500 mailboxes.

      Exchange has been running smoothly for 2 months or problems yet.
      I can't recall if any special considerations were made for setting up the Exchange servers in a virtual environment..we mostly spent a lot of time researching proper Exchange design.

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        Re: Exchange 2007 Virtulization

        Thanks for the replies, I had not seen the link you posted Virtual.

        Thanks also for the info resinblade