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[HELP] Physical box can't ftp/SSH Linux

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  • [HELP] Physical box can't ftp/SSH Linux

    Please have a look at my problem:
    On Windows2003 ---- hostname:win03, physical NIC is, using DHCP get ip:, gateway is, firewall shutdown

    The Windows2003 have been installed a VMware Workstation, the VMware Workstation network use bridge.

    Install a RedHat53 on the VMware Workstation, hostname: rh53,use DHCP and get IP:, gateway is, iptables has been shutdown,vsftpd is running.

    On win03 can ftp login the vsftpd on RedHat53 successfully as well as ping command.

    Why other physical box (windows2003, firewall shutdown, can ping rh53 successfully but can not ftp log in rh53 ?

    tcpdump can't catch any ftp package from other physical box.

    Both SSH and Telnet can't work on other physical box .

    Only ping successfully.

    And win03 can ssh rh53 successfully .

    Thank you very much ~~~