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VMware - Dual core2duo or single core2quad ?

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  • VMware - Dual core2duo or single core2quad ?


    Our main OS is windows 2003 64bit with 4gb ram, we wish to run another copy of win 2003 64bit through vmware. Main OS will not be running any cpu consuming applications (except for vmware) , however vmware OS will run all sorts of memory/cpu consuming tasks.

    What will work better, 2x Intel Xeon 5130 2.0 GHz Dual Core Processors or Intel Core2 Quad Q9400 @ 2.66GHz ??

    Cpu benchmark at shows dual xeon at rank #62 while core2quad 9400 is ranked #37

    We've never run VMware on a single processor, we currently have 5 servers (2GB ram) with a Dual Intel Xeon 3.20GHz (ranked #80 at cpubenchmark) and they work just fine (vmware setup so it uses only 1 processor).

    What to do ?! I would go for a single cpu core2quad if it can handle the load, as it is 35% cheaper !

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    Re: VMware - Dual core2duo or single core2quad ?

    Which VMware? They have several products...

    I'm not aware of any motherboards that will support two Core2Duo CPUs. That said, for a server I wouldn't be buying 'consumer' CPUs, I'd be opting for Xeons.

    If you have found a motherboard that supports two Core2Duos, will it also support two Core2Quads?

    In any case, of the two options you've mentioned I would opt for the Core2Quad, if your budget won't cover Xeons.
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      Re: VMware - Dual core2duo or single core2quad ?

      As you can already see from the benchmarks, the Xeon will perform much better than the Core2Quad
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        Re: VMware - Dual core2duo or single core2quad ?

        i was facing sort of the same challenge: average cpu/server specs and the task to create another server.

        i slapped unix on the box, VmWare Server 2 (free) and installed the 2 machines.

        Now i have a proper point of management, and some stability

        PS: im also using Xeon Quads and don't attempt this if you're afraid of unix.
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