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PE1850 for ESXi 4

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  • PE1850 for ESXi 4

    Does anyone run ESXi 4 on PE1850? Any issues running it?
    The hard drive size is about 70 GB and planning to run Exchange 03 and 07 as VMs on it. After installing the OS and Exchange, how much disk space would I have left on each if the disk space allocated to each is 30 GB?
    VM1 = Exch 03 = on 30 GB disk.
    VM2 = Exch 07 = on 30 GB disk.

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    Re: PE1850 for ESXi 4

    Originally posted by croku99 View Post
    Does anyone run ESXi 4 on PE1850? Any issues running it?
    Google? It's a supported platform

    As for your disk space question, the product documentation will show you how much disk space a typical installation of Exchange will take. Ditto Windows Server.
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