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    We have been using Windows Server 2008 and Exchange Server 2007 installed on that. We are planning to create a new instance on SAN for Windows/Exchange so that if first Exchange Server overloads, we can move that instance to other instance created on SAN.

    Shall we need to buy two more licenses (one for Windows and one for Exchange) for that new instance ?

    As far as I know, one license can be used for one instance only (production instance). Can we use the same license if we move existing instance to a new instance ?

    Please confirm....

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    Re: About VM License

    Having read your question, I'm slightly confused about what you're asking, and whether or not your question is relevant to VMware. Please can you clearly explain what you are asking?
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      Re: About VM License

      If its not going to be live then i wouldn't imagineyou would need a licence for it.

      Best bet would be to call MS and ask them.


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        Re: About VM License

        Depending on what type of Server 2008 license you have you may be able to setup the 2nd 2008 VM without additional licenses.

        MS licensing model for VMs running server 2008

        Product -Maximum permitted running instances in a virtual OSE per license
        Windows Server 2008 Standard - One
        Windows Server 2008 Enterprise - Four
        Windows Server 2008 Datacenter - Unlimited
        Windows Server 2008 for Itanium Based Systems - Unlimited
        Windows Web Server 2008 - One*

        **taken from that document**
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