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  • Vmware for MCSA Labs


    I am going to prepare MCSA.

    I want to install 3 server 2003 (as a domain,exchanger,dns,dhcp etc.etc.....)

    and 2 xp machine on vmware

    so please tell me which one is good for my MCSA LABs (workstation or server)

    on one computer.


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    Re: Vmware for MCSA Labs

    why not use HyperV or esxi perhaps ?

    Otherwise - i'm a fan of VMware server if it's not bare-metal (in which case i prefer esx)
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      Re: Vmware for MCSA Labs

      ESXi will give you a bare metal Hypervisor, but it does not work on all hardware and you might have some issues setting it up.

      Workstation is not a free product so for your study purposes I would go with VMware server.

      Just remember that you need enough RAM for your Virtual Machines and in Server snapshots are only one step back (as opposed to Workstation)
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        Re: Vmware for MCSA Labs

        Both will work. One is free. One is not. Go for the free one (VMware Server 2.x)
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          Re: Vmware for MCSA Labs

          If you are ready to leave Vmware then you can try Its free and would work well for your needs.


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            Re: Vmware for MCSA Labs

            There are too many free solutions you can use and that also include Xen Enterprise and Oracle VM but finding the flexible environment for learning is neither VMware Server 2.0 which is full web base otherwise pay for VMware workstation 6.5 and you have a lot good features.


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              Re: Vmware for MCSA Labs

              If you decide to go with the free version of ESXi (no vmotion and DRS) here is an unofficial list of supported hardware:


              I hope this helps.


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                Re: Vmware for MCSA Labs

                VMware Server 2 is free and requires a host OS:

                VMware ESXi 4 is free and is a bare metal hyper-visor:

                Citrix XenServer is free and is a bare metal hyper-visor: