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VMWare ESXi 4 Disaster recovery plan.

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  • VMWare ESXi 4 Disaster recovery plan.

    Hi All,

    I'm wondering of what tools or method that is normally used in backup and restore for VMWare ESXi environment ?

    My deployment Consist of 2x ESXi 4 Servers which has got a local SATA about 1 TB
    connected into iSCSI SAN 1 TB LUN (see the following diagram)

    I've tried to copy paste manually the VM directory from the Local SATA from Server A into the SAN and then create that particular VM setting on Server B after selcting that .VMDK from the copied directory, it confused me since there will be additional directory created with <VM Directory Name>_1 naming convention ?

    any idea please in how to plan for Disaster recovery planning in ESXi environment ?


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    Re: VMWare ESXi 4 Disaster recovery plan.


    I'm interested in this too (sorry, I don't have answers) ... ... I have at my disposal an Ultrium 1 tape drive (though not sure how reliable it is) but I'm playing with the idea of a USB removable drive caddy and backing up to a series of drives added that way (probably cheaper than tapes since I only have 4 right now).

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      Re: VMWare ESXi 4 Disaster recovery plan.

      I have read earlier a post about Site Recovery Manager at:
      VMware Site Recovery Manager, Automated Virtualized DR

      Though I have heard in other places that still not supported with vSphere. I am not sure yet as well if that is the best DR solution for VMware vSphere & hope to get some advice.

      Best Regards,


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        Re: VMWare ESXi 4 Disaster recovery plan.

        yes, that is true, still wondering and experimenting of creating the replicated VM from the SAN into the Local ESXi datastore hoping that when the SAN fails, i can start the VM in the Local ESXi datastore (does not need to be realtime).

        any idea on how to do this without getting 3rd party shareware tools ?