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SAN for school environment with Vmware

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  • SAN for school environment with Vmware


    At our school I am currently looking at replacing some of our physical servers and migrating them to VMware. We currently use VMware on 2 separate hypervisor hosts but its only for web and proxy services.

    I want to migrate our windows active directory, DNS, DHCP, print, exchange services over to a virtualised platform.

    We currently use an overland snap server 520 as an iscsi device but using SATA disks its running at capacity and we suffer performance problems.

    I am looking to replace this. Has anyone used any of the Equallogic iScsi PS6000 range or HP MSA2324fc range? I have currently investigating these two options for the school.

    The HP is a fibre channel SAN which is aimed at entry level but the costing I have had back for the Equallogic is far greater than the MSA buts its iSCSI.

    I always heard that if you have the option go for fibre channel over iSCSI because 4gb server to SAN bandwidth over iscsi 1gb server to SAN traffic will give far greater performance benefits. Fibre channel I have heard tends to be more expensive.

    Is there something that I'm missing with the MSA range, why is so cheaper for fibre channel SAN?

    Would anyone recommend either of these two in a VMware setup? I appreciate the Equallogic is fairly new but if anyone has any links to some useful videocasts, whitepapers. that would be really helpful.


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    Re: SAN for school environment with Vmware

    I would give +1 for NetApp here... normally a school can't affort those products but at the moment they give ridiculous low prices for their FAS2xxx series product line. We bought an FAS2050 fiber channel SAN and we are quite happy with it .. Perhaps you can give them a call as well. In our last stage we only had Equallogic and Netapp to choose from.. and the NetApp was chepaer then equallogic... normall won't happen



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      Re: SAN for school environment with Vmware

      You can look at IBM N3000 NAS devices or even at the DS3000 these are both failry affordable and would definitely help you in getting the most for your dollars for storage hardware.



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        Re: SAN for school environment with Vmware

        You may also want to take a look at HP's Lefthand SAN's as well. It currently supports 1GB iSCSI plus built in support for 10GB down the line.

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          Re: SAN for school environment with Vmware

          Hello ranjb
          Chek StarWind Software Server, I’m shore that will be perfect to your issue. It can’t be install anywhere in the server and they also have a free vercion + a 15 days trial

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          Good Luck
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