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VMware Server Live Backup Advice Needed

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  • VMware Server Live Backup Advice Needed

    Hi Guys,

    Not very familar with VMware as other virtualization tech but have been asked by a friend for advice.

    Situation is he has a VMware server running on top of Ubuntu running one VM for approximately 20-25 users max. He has all the normal network services right up to Exchange running.

    He currently achieves backups by shutting the VM down, copying it to a backup server over the network.

    He has asked if there is anyway to do live backups of the VM in case the server were to suddenly have hardware issues. Thus allowing him to take that VM and fire it up on a backup server.

    With out knowing a whole lot about VMware off the top of my head I would think an eSata RAID array would do this easily. If the server dies move the eSata and fire up the VM.

    Thanks for any advice!!

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    Re: VMware Server Live Backup Advice Needed

    Of course if you have an external disk array then if you Host (Ubuntu server) would die you could connect the disk array to another.

    But the question is what would happen if the disk array would fail - correct Raid 5 will cover you for one disk but you never know

    For that you should back up your vm's to another location.

    So the idea he has for shutting down the VM and backing it up to another server is correct. But this causes downtime. is a Script written by lamw to backup machines from an esx3.5i machine.

    I doubt this will on VMware Server though.
    I am sure you could create a script that would snapshot them machine and copy the files from the VM to another location over the LAN.

    If you are using one VM and if your hardware supports it, I would suggest trying out ESX3.5i.

    By that you will see better performance for your VM/VM's, and you would of course be able to use the above script.

    And of course the best of it all. It is all completely free!
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