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cant install 64 bit on vmware

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  • cant install 64 bit on vmware

    hi all

    i bought a Q8200 cpu with 4g of ram
    yet when try to install a 64 bit os
    i get an error:

    "attempting to load an X64 os.
    however that cpu is not compatible with 64 mode"

    yet my host op is 2003 64 bit


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    Re: cant install 64 bit on vmware

    i found this answer

    "NO, this CPU is the only quad-core so far that does NOT support VT (intel's name for instruction set to support hardware virtualization). I have this CPU and I am sure about this. It is a bad choice if you buy this to run virtual machines. VMWare will still run but slower, and you can not virtualize a 64bit CPU on a 32 bit OS. With a 2 years old E6600 /Q6600 with VT, I can. Without VT, you will not be able to run some virtual machines such as KVM on Linux, as it requires VT."


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      Re: cant install 64 bit on vmware

      You might check the BIOS if VT can be enabled or not.
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        Re: cant install 64 bit on vmware

        yep, there's something to enable in the bios..
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          Re: cant install 64 bit on vmware

          What motherboard do you have?
          On searching I agree, the CPU does seem to lack VT support though.

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