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cannot add storage to VMWARE esx 3.5 server

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  • cannot add storage to VMWARE esx 3.5 server

    Dear Techies,

    I'm new to vmware products, I just want to test vmware for POC and then plan it for live so i downloaded vmware esx 3.5 and installed in my dell pc, installation was sucessfull, when I try to create new virtual machine in that esx server, in the Name and Location Wizard I found the following error "virtual machine folders are unavailable when directly connected to the host" in the next step Data store "there are no disks to select for installation. i tries to add adisk to storage devices but not succeeded can any body tell me the procedure how I can add a storage device since we dont have SAN i has to add some space from file Server only.

    Phani Kumar .B

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    Re: cannot add storage to VMWARE esx 3.5 server

    You have to have supported hardware for ESX software...

    Look at offical HCL and unoffical "Whitelisted" mainboards which are supported
    for esx or esxi installation...


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      Re: cannot add storage to VMWARE esx 3.5 server

      When you say you have to add space from "file server only" - do you mean that you have space available on a server somewhere else on the network that you want to use ?

      Because you can't do this with VMware. You must use Direct Attached Storage or SAN storage.. you can't use network-mounted volumes for VMFS volumes (for all intents and purposes, based on my interpretation of your skill level with this technology)

      Once you have installed ESX or ESXi, install VIClient on your workstation.
      Connect to the ESX server and logon.

      Go to the configuration tab, and select "storage"
      If you have no storage configured already, click on 'add storage' and choose disk/lun
      then select any available drive to use as a data store.
      Basically - you have to create a 'Data Store' before you can create a virtual machine. The virtual machine lives in the datastore.

      If you don't have an available drive, it means you've used it already somehow, and you need to add more drives or reconfigure your system.

      Think about it this way. When you installed ESX, you installed it onto your C: Drive partition.
      Now, you need to create a D: Drive partition - also called a Datastore.

      Tell me some more about the device, including what model server it is, how many harddrives it has, and i'll see if I can help you.
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