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problem with adding storage in vc

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  • problem with adding storage in vc

    hello im new here in this forum and im happy to be a part of this community.

    so i have 3 esx servers installed on vmware workstation 6.5 +open filer v2.2
    i configured the openfiler
    in the vc at storage adapter section i can see my open filer and target 1 with the volume name and the volume group (iqn) that i created in the openfiler server.

    everything look fine but when i go to the storage section and try to add storage (datastore) a wizard comes up and i click disk/lun and then i can't see the target that i just create- there is no datastore to add to.
    its not the first time i did it but its strange that evrything look good and its simply show me nothing in the storage/add storage/disk/lun.

    please some advice.

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    Re: problem with adding storage in vc

    On your other 2 ESX hosts - you do not need to add new storage - but rescan the hosts to see if they recognize any new volumes.

    Make sure that the other 2 hosts can see the openfiler ISCSI lun that you have created on your openfiler storage
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      Re: problem with adding storage in vc

      first of all thanks for the advice
      i know whene you add storage in one of the hosts,i dont need to add to other hosts, but i can't add storage to none of them
      they recgonize the volume on the iscsi open filer.
      it show me the iqn of the open filer and the volume group and the volume with the capacity that i configured- everything look good.
      but again lets say i want to install virtual mechines on this volume on the open filer server
      i need to go to storage and add storage pick disk/lun and click next after that , a line need to come up with the path of the volume that i configured in the open filer- vmhba32:0:0:1(for example) but nothing comes up.