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VMware server 2.01 on Win2k8 - multiple networks

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  • VMware server 2.01 on Win2k8 - multiple networks


    I have a Win2k8 Std 64-bit host with 12GB of RAM. I've got 2 NICs on it. I am using the one NIC as the primary connection for the host as well as 3-4 VM's. However I need to setup the 2nd NIC with a different network so that some of my new VM's can specifically use that network and not the primary - existing one on NIC #1.

    However - I'm stumped - I can't see how to do this....Any ideas? I've put an IP address on the 2nd NIC - one from the new network - but inside of VMware server console - or managing virtual networking - it doesn't reflect how I can use that 2nd NIC with a new network. It just isn't there.

    Unchecking the box on "auto" for bridging - is greyed out.


    VMWare server 2.01
    Win2k8 Std 64-bit Host
    12GB ram
    HP Proliant DL380 G5
    2xOnboard GbE links

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    Re: VMware server 2.01 on Win2k8 - multiple networks

    Shadow -

    I'm interested in knowing the same information. I'm doing a lot of searching for the answer and am happy to share it with you if I find the solution.

    Have you yet found a way to get multiple NICs going?

    Incidentally, I'm running the same config: W2k8 x64. Just not as much RAM as you, unfortunately.



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      Re: VMware server 2.01 on Win2k8 - multiple networks

      Shadow -

      It seems that with the loss of the VMWare Console in exchange for the new web interface, we've both been duped. In other words, I was thinking web-only.

      From the Start Menu:

      All Programs>>VMWare>>VMWare Server>>Manage Virtual Networks

      Once you have that sweet app open, go to the 3rd tab: Host Virtual Network Mapping.

      You'll see that VMnet0 is set to "Bridged to an automaticall chosen adapter." Hit the drop-down and select the adapter you want. Then what I did is set the alternate adapter to VMnet2. Doing this will UNcheck the option in the 2nd tab: Automatic Bridging (which is what you want).

      I plan to get a switch that does VLANs but that's down the road for right now.

      Let me know if you have any questions. Or, if you've already figured this one out, then great.