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  • extend vmdk file

    Hi, I have an esx server that has my windows 2000 sql server on it and my VIC is connected to the database

    I want to extend my vmdk file for my sql server, but cannot do it from the client as i need to power off the sql server to extend this file

    I logged in using the webconsole but cannot find a way to extend the drive using this

    I have never used the console before so I would like some advice on how to extend the drive

    thank you in advance

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    Re: extend vmdk file

    update on this

    i am trying to run vmkfstools -X size /vmfs/volumes/san1/sql server/name.vmdk

    I have put in the correct syntax and when i run a list ls /vmfs/volumes/san1 I get a list of servers showing under san1, when I try to access sql server it says know such file or directory

    can anyone help with this



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      Re: extend vmdk file

      I have sorted my problem, bit more research and used the latest standalone converter and just done a conversion and extended the file that way


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        Re: extend vmdk file

        This will give you the list of vm's you have currently running on you esx server

        vmware-cmd -l

        From there

        vmkfstools -X <NEW SIZE (i.e. 20G)> <full path to>.vmdk

        You do not need to use Converter to extend the file. If this is the system volume - then you will have to extend the partition with 3rd party tools or another vm
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          Re: extend vmdk file

          thanks, will keep this in mind for the future, the converter done the job for me as I had to get it done for this morning

          the difference I could see is that it instead of the san name it gives a number for the san name,

          I will test this out later

          once again thanks for the Information, will come in handy