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Creating NFS to store ISO's for ESXi server

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  • Creating NFS to store ISO's for ESXi server

    I can't believe how little information is out there discussing the setup of a NFS server from the beginning. I did find a couple of post, but both assumed you knew about WSFU and WinSCP. I tried to install the WSFU and kept getting install errors.

    Is the process for setting up a NFS server that complex? I have a Server 2003 R2 32-bit that has a lot of storage space that I thought I would store iso's. I was hoping to create the NFS up with out much delay, but I am not able to get very far. Does anyone have a good reference guide or steps for this process.


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    Re: Creating NFS to store ISO's for ESXi server

    How about here?


    Basically Google should be able to help you out...
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