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    Hi, looking for some advice on my vmware setup

    at the moment I have a small vmware setup, Vmware foundation on one server and all data is installed locally onto the vmware box, looking to move everything to SAN eventually

    I now have a second box again just foundation at the moment and I also have a SAN for my File and Print, Exchange, I can easily set this all up on my LAN, LAN is currently only 120 users, so nothing big

    I know best practice is to put SANS etc onto a seperate VLAN, due to the size of the network should I really need to do this, it is only basic office data, accounts packages etc that go over the LAN, nothing major on it

    I have 4 NICs in each box

    I have unmanaged switches so cannot do anything to create vlans there, I do not want to really upgrade my swithches at the moment.

    I take it I will need some routing to create the vlans, I was going to use vyatta virtual applicance to do this

    Does this seem a fesable soultion or could I just put everything on the same LAN.

    Do not see the company growing much in the near future

    any advice really appreciated on this

    Working way through my TranSignal training for esx servers as we speak

    thank you