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vm client not pxe booting

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  • vm client not pxe booting


    - vm client is setup to pxe boot and is currently failing with this message (see attachment pxe_boot_fail.jpg).
    - Wireshark on the DHCP server is seeing the request for an ip come from the client and also shows an offer for a IP being sent out but the client never shows that address while pxe booting
    - the DHCP is being handled by a VM server (tried both win 2k3 dhcp and also a SuSe Linux DHCP server)
    - the provisioning server is a BladeLogic server (yeah i know !!!!).
    - the DHCP scope is pointing to the BL server for TFTP and also has two options specifically created for BladeLogic.

    both the vm client and the dhcp server are connected to the same virtual switch.
    there is no physical adapter bound to the switch.
    ESX version is
    no vlan tagging

    - Has anyone seen this before?
    - Any idea if this is a know issue or not?
    - If yes, what is the workaround?
    - If not, then does anyone have any pointers for me?
    - I am sure I am not the first one trying to do this and was wondering if someone can point me to a write-up/article which indicates what the steps are that one needs to follow to setup pxe booting. Not asking for help with BladeLogic just the initial piece till the IP is accepted by the client.

    If anyone needs more info let me know and I'll try and provide the same.

    Thanks to everyone in advance
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