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VMware Server 2.0 Web Based Login?

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  • VMware Server 2.0 Web Based Login?


    I'm brand new to VMware. I'm taking a CompTIA A+ class and the instructor talked about VMware, it sounded interesting, so I went home D/L Server 2.0 and installed it. When I first clicked on "VMware Server Home Page" icon, my browser opened but would not connect. In the bottom left of the window it changes from "Connecting" to "Connected" quickly about 10 times and then I get "The network link was interrupted while negotiating a connection. Please try again." message. I searched and found that is likely an "Internet Information Services Manager" problem but, I went here: and read about "Starting the VMware Web Service" topic and tried to follow the directions unsuccessfully, I think. I'm running Vista x64 Ultimate and the examples for "Stopping the default Web Site" and "Starting VMware Management Interface" didn't work because I didn't have VMware Managemant Interface even listed in the "Administrative Tools/Computer Management." However, I did try to go to http://localhost:8222. in my browser and it brought up "VMware Infrastructure Web Access" Login / Password window. But I don't know what I should enter there. What should I enter for Login and Password? And how do I get the "VMware Server Home Page" icon to work properly?

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    Re: VMware Server 2.0 Web Based Login?

    I think it uses SSL, so be sure you enable it under IIS.

    Also make sure the port is not blocked by any firewall on the server.


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      Re: VMware Server 2.0 Web Based Login?

      Question 1) What port are you refering to...I'm assuming since it uses the web browser you mean port 80 or 443? Which one? Or both?

      Question 2) When I look in the Internet Information Services Manager under Computer Management I see two different listings for IIS: one is just IIS and the other is IIS 6.0. Is that how it should be or should I change that, and which one should I use. I'm thinking that I should be seeing one that says, "VMware Server 2.0 IIS" but I don't see that, even after installation.

      Question 3) Would I be better off with the previous version 1.0 of VMware?
      Maybe that will work better with Vista x64 Ultimate?


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        Re: VMware Server 2.0 Web Based Login?

        That is because VMware Server 2.0 does not use IIS it has an Apache Tomcat Webserver imbedded in the Software.

        You can go back to VMware Server 1.0.8 which was the last version that was released
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          Re: VMware Server 2.0 Web Based Login?

          Well let me ask you VMware 2.0 users, is 2.0 that much better than 1.0.8?
          What are the advantages, if any, of using 2.0 over 1.0.8?


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            Re: VMware Server 2.0 Web Based Login?

            I much preferred the 1.x UI over the piece of crap web version introduced in 2.x. Totally unnecessary IMO but then again I'm not much of a visionary and I don't know what VMW has up their sleeves.
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