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Shutdown Vs the Stop Button

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  • Shutdown Vs the Stop Button

    Can anyone offer me any advice on this one:

    Iíve configured the Power settings on my Virtual machines to the following:

    Shut Down Guest
    Suspend Guest
    Start Up Guest
    Restart Guest

    This means when I hit the toolbar buttons (Stop, Pause, play, Restart) they effect the guest OS.

    My question is this, should I be shutting down the server in the conventional way by clicking Start> shutdown... on each server and letting it shut down or is it ok to press the toolbar buttons?

    I also have the following script which shuts down my virtual machines & then shuts the server down:

    cd C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Workstation

    vmrun stop "VmWareMachine path here......"
    vmrun stop "VmWareMachine path here......"

    shutdown -s

    Is this script ok to run or should I be shutting the servers down by Start> Shutdown (on each server)???

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    Re: Shutdown Vs the Stop Button

    Not familiar with vmware but in virtualisation terms, treat the VM as any normal computer, so therefore, ensure the OS is shotdown properly. It may be that those options do it for you. Some will also save 'state' to prevent shutting down all the time.