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ESX 2.0 VM Migration

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  • ESX 2.0 VM Migration


    Yesterday I imaged a 40GB virtual workstation using VMware Converter Stand-Alone (the ESX is locked down and I couldn't get in so my original choice to use a Ghost floppy image went out the window) to a new 70GB VM. I ran up the new system with the network cards disconnected so I was able to view the original on RDP and the new one via console. I could see no differences so I shut down the original machine and renamed it on the ESX server and powered up the new one after renaming it to be the same as the old one was. It appeared to be working fine but for some reason it wouldn't connect to the network ... I do not understand why.

    Eventually I shut down the new server and re-launched the old one figuring I'd deal with it later, I recall being able to briefly connect by RDP (I suppose I could be mistaken but that is what I remember) but this morning I find no one can connect via RDP.

    I've had request to rename the machine back and have done so (though as I understand it that name is simply a host name and won't affect what the Windows system "thinks" it is and whether it can connect via the network. I've restarted it and can ping the VM but am still unable to connect via RDP.

    • The VM is an XP Pro client with remote connections enabled.
    • The host is an ESX 2.0 farm (san connected).

    I am not fully familiar with ESX 2.x (my VCP is 3.02) and, in particular, the ability to configure network connections seems virtually non-existent.

    J C Rocks (An Aspiring Author's Journey)
    The Abyssal Void War: Stars, Hide Your Fires

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    Re: ESX 2.0 VM Migration

    It's OK,

    Problem was my lack of understanding ... the copy worked AOK but I didn't realise that the copy would have its NIC's reset to "Local only" ... reconfigured them to "VM Network" and it worked AOK.

    It was also ESX 3.0 ... no idea why I thought it wasn't!

    J C Rocks (An Aspiring Author's Journey)
    The Abyssal Void War: Stars, Hide Your Fires