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How to transfer ESXi to a new box?

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  • How to transfer ESXi to a new box?

    I've tried searching for it but couldn't find a clear answer to it.... We are converting all of our servers to VMs, I was able to use the VMWare Converter to convert all of the running servers and they run properly, on my spare server box in test lab.

    Now I'm stuck on how to move those files to the new box?

    Because we can't have any down time during the weekdays, I am only able to perform these tasks over the weekend.

    Our environment is like this

    DELL Box 1 - Currently running on Win2k3, our AC DC, SQL server

    DELL Box 2 - test box, currently have ESXi 3.5 installed, and a replicated OS of box 1

    I'm thinking to convert and move Box 1 to Box 2 first, then install ESXi on box 1, and then the problem is, how do I move the files from box 2 to back to box 1 ??

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    Re: How to transfer ESXi to a new box?

    Well I can think of two ways:

    1. Browse the datastore on box 2 and copy all the vm's to the network, install ESXi on box 1, browse datastore on box 1 and copy the vm's from the network.

    2. Convert the box 2 images to OVF format, import the OVF vm's to box 1.


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      Re: How to transfer ESXi to a new box?

      1.How do you make the 2 ESXi boxes communicate with each other? I'm using the VI client which only allows connecting to 1 host machine at a time...

      2. Does VMWare Converter allow converting physical machines into OVF files? I tried but didn't see that option, but it does allow import of OVF to a ESXi server.


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        Re: How to transfer ESXi to a new box?

        1. you can launch multiple instances of the VI client (but that's besides the point). From the VI client, browse the datastore on box 2, copy your vm folders from the datastore to the vi client machine (local drive or network drive). Then do the opposite on box 1.

        2. Download the OVF tool, once you have the VM's copied from box 2 you can use the OVF tool to convert them and then on box 1 import them.


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          Re: How to transfer ESXi to a new box?

          that's right... i wasn't thinking... copy to local drive then back to new box is the way to go!