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VM server 2003 can't access the internet

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  • VM server 2003 can't access the internet

    my VM server 2003 SE installed fine but unable to access to internet. Hv checked vmnet0(unknown NIC adapter) bridged to physical netgear wireless network adapter. vmnet 1 (host) vmnet 8(nat) dns looks alright in command mode it can translate websites to Ip addresses.
    Pls help why my vm server 2003 can't connect to internet.



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    Re: VM server 2003 can't access the internet

    Post split and moved to its own thread. claudeyu, please do not hijack another members thread and always start a new one for you own question. Thanks.
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      Re: VM server 2003 can't access the internet

      Please provide the results of ipconfig /all from both the guest VM and the host.

      Is the VM bound to vmnet0, vmnet1, or vmnet8? It should be bound to vmnet0 or vmnet8. vmnet1 is host only networking.

      Is vmnet0 and vmnet8 bound to a pNIC that has internet connectivity?

      Is the vmware bridge protocol bound to vmnet0? Check the bindings in the network settings.

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