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64-bit Guest OS

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  • 64-bit Guest OS

    Installed Vista 64. When starting it I the get warning

    "You are running 64-bit guest but virtual machine is configured to run 32-bit operating system. Configure virtual machine to run 64-bit operating system"

    But I can't find any such option in the virtual machine settings?

    I have checked that my hardware is capable of rung 64-bit. My host OS is 32-bit though, but as far as I can understand that should be OK.

    ( I can skip the warning and att it seams to run OK anyway)


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    Re: 64-bit Guest OS

    You don't mention your VMware product but from your description I'll assume VMware Workstation or VMware server.

    In hosted VMware products (workstation, server, ace, player, etc.), the host OS manages the memory for the guest VM. Therefore, you need 64bit host hardware and a 64bit host OS to run VMs as 64bit.

    Think of it this way and maybe it will make more sense: 32bit host operating systems know nothing about 64bit memory addressing or 64bit memory management, so how could your 32bit host OS possibly manage the memory for 64bit guest VMs?

    Now I'll mention an exception and let you in on a little secret: the current version of ESX 3.x is 32bit software, yet it runs fine on 64bit hardware and we can run guests in true 64bit mode. How do you like that?
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