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What is the point of snapshots???

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  • What is the point of snapshots???

    So I have been playing around with VMware Workstation, ESXi and Hyper-V. I was very excited at the potential of snapshots, and started using them. Then I discover all the limitations, and how the files will just grow forever, and if you try to merge one that has been in use for awhile, it can take forever to commit many GB of data back to the vmdk. Then I read that VMware even states to not use an Active Snapshot for long in production. So now I am stumped and really don't see the point of using snapshots for other than in a test environment where you want to put the machine back to a baseline config after some quick tests. I don't see any value to using snapshots in a production environment. I envisioned snapshots being point time files that are maintainted separately, not one that essentially becomes the new vmdk file. I feel like I must surely be missing something here and hope somebody can point out that I am missing the obvious. Is there some other good use of snapshots in a production server environment, not just for testing new service packs or upgrades? I would appreciate some examples.
    Thank you.

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    Re: What is the point of snapshots???


    In production snapshots mean a lot to me...

    When istalling Windows update or other important critical updates I can make a snapshot install everything, test it and if all works fine, I delete snapshot. I had a case when Windows update screwed up my domain controller... With snapshot I had it back in 3 minutes...

    Next is Vmware "hot" backup with VCB... Virtual machines are running AND are being backed up (as full vm) at the same time... When backup complete, snapshots are deleted automatically...

    As you stated snapshots in testing enviroment are great... For example you set up mail server get it working and create snapshot... Then you can test various anti-spam, AV or other tools without problems of uninstalling... You just roll back to original machine...

    Hope that helps you out a little