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  • VMWare Server 2.0

    Reading this forum I've realized everyone here seems to use ESX.
    What about VMWare Server 2.0? It is worst than ESX?
    Is it related with the fact Server it is free, and, maybe, has less utilities?

    I would like to make a cluster with two VM, but I am using Server 2.0, and everything I have found it is related with ESX.

    Thank you very much

    BTW: Not sure whether this post can be considered an

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    Re: VMWare Server 2.0

    ESX is designed for organisations to virtualise. It installs on "bare metal" (i.e. it is not designed to run in Windows or Linux).

    VMWare Server is a "Free" product designed for very small scale virtualisation.

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      Re: VMWare Server 2.0

      Thanks for answering.
      So, I understand the best I can do it is change to ESX. :-{


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        Re: VMWare Server 2.0

        it would be best, but it will not run on all hardware, ESX only runs on a strict HCL
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          Re: VMWare Server 2.0

          And the ESXi HCL is even more strict. ie. a lot of the hardware found on the ESX HCL is missing from the ESXi HCL. VMware is working dilligently to narrow/bridge the gap between the ESX and ESXi HCLs. But we all need to understand these are both bare metal enterprise level products we're talking about and stability is job#1. Anyone here want to expand the HCL carelessly and sacrifice uptime in an enterprise datacenter? Not me.
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