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Snapshot Deletion?

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  • Snapshot Deletion?


    Just wondering if it is possible to schedule a deletion of a snapshot? I know you can schedule a snapshot creation but I'd like to be able to set it so a snapshot can be deleted after say 24 hrs.
    Is this possible???Thanks.

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    Re: Snapshot Deletion?

    From your digital camera, right?


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      Re: Snapshot Deletion?

      I'm referring to a snapshot thru' VMWare


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        Re: Snapshot Deletion?

        Originally posted by shergar View Post
        I'm referring to a snapshot thru' VMWare
        sooooo..... why have you posted in the Virtual Server/Virtual PC forum? Surely you would be better posting in the VMWare forum... and with full information about your needs?

        For instance - VMWare is a technology - are you using VMware Workstation? VMWare Server? ESX? What version?

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          Re: Snapshot Deletion?

          I'm using VMWare Infrastructure Client, we run VMWare ESX Server 3.5.0.

          I use the snapshot Manager to take snapshots but just wondering if there is a tool\utility to automaticallt stop the snapshot after a pre-defined time?


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            Re: Snapshot Deletion?

            please review:
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              Re: Snapshot Deletion?

              If you know your way around the service console, you could easily script it using cron and the vmware-cmd cfg removesnapshots command.
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