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Disabling VMware Tray systray icon

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  • Disabling VMware Tray systray icon

    Hi All, I have been looking for away of disabling the VMware systray icon (vmwaretray.exe).

    I have just converted a Win2003 terminal server to run on ESX 3.5.
    Everything is ok but the user will get this tray icon and this will allow them to untick NIC1 and so disconnect the terminal server from the network!

    I searched the registry but could not find the entry. The only way i have found of stopping the tray icon is by renaming vmwaretray.exe in c:\program files\vmware.
    Not exactly scientific! Has anyone got any more elelgant solutions to this?


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    Re: Disabling VMware Tray systray icon

    Since the icon runs in the tray for all logged in users, have you checked the HKLM...Run key in the registry?


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      Re: Disabling VMware Tray systray icon

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        Re: Disabling VMware Tray systray icon

        Hi Joe, Yes i have looked there but as this is a terminal server the VMtray icon will appear for every desktop user. I checked the default user run too but it is not there.

        Thanks Jason, Disabling access to the control panel applet is a much better idea.