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VMware Converter to OVF Problem

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  • VMware Converter to OVF Problem

    I'm using VMware Converter version 3.0.3 to convert some physical machines to virtual machines. After they've been converted to vm's I'm using the OVF tool to convert them into OVF files to import into ESX3i. At 99% of the ovf process it fails with the following message:

    Failed to read data from the extent: machine-flat.vmdk

    Any ideas?

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    Re: VMware Converter to OVF Problem

    I assume it is doing this consistently with the same VM or many VMs? You've got the newest version of Converter.

    Are you importing into VirtualCenter or a specific host as far as the destination?
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      Re: VMware Converter to OVF Problem

      It does it with any VM I try to convert. I haven't gotten to the import part as it keeps failing on converting the VM to OVF. I'm running this from my management station, which previously had no problem running the OVF tool. Nothing in the event logs and I can't find any type of OVF or VMware log that would point me in any direction. I'm going to try the conversion on a different management station to see if that make a difference.