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esxi iscsi questions

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  • esxi iscsi questions

    I have two questions regarding iscsi. One is: using starwind, which method is faster/generally recomended to use: imagefile or disk bridge(I would think disk bridge would be faster but I am not sure)

    second: Since I have two nics in my SAN server, and my esxi server, could I use multipathing to get near 2gb throughput? If not, any other reliable ways to get near 2gb throughpuyt between my single esxi box and my SAN box? the SAn box is running server 2k3 with starwind, with an Nforce 3600 board(dual gig nvidia NICs). And my ESXI box is running the same board. My switch is a cisco 3550 12-T pure gig

    Also, another question when I connect ESXI via dynamic discovery, it shows(and apparently connects) to all the targets I have published. How inside of ESXI do I tell it to only attach to a specific target

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    Re: esxi iscsi questions

    You can certainly bond NICs o nyour iSCSI box for 802.3 AD link aggregation and you can assign 2 Gb NICs to your VMKernel switch for iSCSI, however, I don't know VMware is going to aggregate traffic across both NICs. I think it's going to be more for redundancy. It would be easy to trace with a packet sniffer. I have my doubts about aggregation of iSCSI traffic. I haven't heard of anyone talk about doing it.

    Selective storage presentation I would think is the responsibility of the iSCSI appliance.
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