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Network Configurations on ESX and VLANs

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  • Network Configurations on ESX and VLANs

    Hi there,

    I need some help configuring my ESX network topology in the right way. I have in my ORG one DHCP server (This is also the main DC), Storage Server and 2 ESXs. Also have 3Com switches with VLAN capabilities. In my ESX I need that:

    1. All Guest VMs will have internet access
    2. All Guest VMs will get an IP from my DHCP and DNS configuration
    3. All Guest VMs will have access to my NFS server (that on my storage server)
    4. All Guest VMs must not have access to any part of my regular shares

    Help me u Guys!!!

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    Re: Network Configurations on ESX and VLANs

    everything should be possible to do with regular DHCP
    About the NFS - you will have to run Samba (if the guests are Windows)
    And Regular shares - Well wet the permissions on the NTFS and Share level - that should do it.
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      Re: Network Configurations on ESX and VLANs

      What does this have to do with VMware other than the special attention for choosing a VLAN solution with VMware? I'd go with VST (virtual switch tagging) where you assign VLANs to ESX portgroups and then run trunk(s) from your ESX pNICs to your switches that of course are configured for VLANing.

      The rest of the stuff you talk about as far as DNS, DHCP, etc. is cookie cutter infrastructure design stuff that has little to do with VMware. I'd keep one DC physical and run at least a partial subnet on it in case your VI goes down at least you'll still have network connectivity to run your tools to get things back up.

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