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how to switch between networks in vmware workstation?

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  • how to switch between networks in vmware workstation?

    hello i am using the 6.0.5 Vmware Workstation, I am trying to create 2 networks
    i want that servers on the first network will be able to communicate with the second
    so in the "virutal Network Settings" i checked there is two VMNETs: VMNET 1 - is Host Only, and VMNET 8 is NAT
    the servers with the NAT configuration can communicate with the servers on host only but the host only servers cant
    how can i make both of the segments communicate?
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    Re: how to switch between networks in vmware workstation?

    Why do you want them on two different networks?

    In a real network, you would connect the 2 networks together (on different subnets) with a router. So do the same with the virtual network. Connect the first set of servers to VMNet3 and the second set to VMNet 4, then add a server with 2 NICs, one on 3 and one on 4. Setup routing on that server to route between the two networks.
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