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Esxi and modem serie

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  • Esxi and modem serie

    hello every body

    firstly sorry for my english, i'm french.

    here is my problem.

    I installed ESXi with two virtual machines.
    Windows 2003 and a Linux.

    I need to install on my Windows a Olitec modem in port series.
    But I cannot use physical serial port on the host
    Be-you it possible to install a modem series on ESXi?

    if somebody has a solution, it would be quite cool.


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    Re: Esxi and modem serie

    Long story short, serial and parallel passthrough are not currently supported in ESXi - the wording of my source suggests that it is currently available in ESX and that the feature may be enabled in a future release of ESXi. Have a read of
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