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  • ESXi monitoring/reporting

    Morning all

    Was wondering if someone could please point me in the direction of some free monitoring/reporting tools for ESXi and possibly FreeNAS?

    I have both setup on a home network for testing purposes and would like to keep an eye on how much network/hardware resources both are using over a period of time. Mainly things like how much the ESX server accesses the NAS box and how they both hold up etc. Obviously the more information provided the better

    My linux knowledge is limited but if there is a script that can do this and provide a graph then I'm all too willing to learn


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    Re: ESXi monitoring/reporting

    If you were using ESX instead of ESXi, I would recommend this tool-
    Monitor VMware ESX Server Performance for free - VM Monitor

    However, as ESXi doesn't support SNMP read (unless you hav ESXi embedded), I can't think of a performance tool other than the built in VI Client graphing (which is pretty decent).
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