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x64 guest on x64 host - CPU Change causes failure.

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  • x64 guest on x64 host - CPU Change causes failure.

    I've been running workstation on my machine at home for a while now and have had everything from NT4 to 2008x64 with Ex07 installed. All run fine, if a little slow. I upgraded my CPU from an Intel E6600 @2.6 to an E8600 @3.3 and it now seems I can no longer run x64 guests.
    I downloaded the x64 test application from VMware and it claimed I could run an x64 guest 3 times in a row then the next time I ran it I was told it I couldn't run one... I ran it a 5th time and it said all ok again.

    Seeing as the only things I know that have changed are the CPU and 1 bios revision to use it, I suspect it is purely problem with that side of things however has anyone heard of anything similar before? To downgrade the bios I would need to go back to my old CPU as well. The MB manufacturer haven't got back to me yet and the forums haven't shown anything like this for that MB either.

    If intersted the MB is an ASUS P5W DH Deluxe

    Many thanks for any advice.

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    Re: x64 guest on x64 host - CPU Change causes failure.

    Do Asus provide any form of diagnostic tool for your motherboard? A quick Google hasn't turned anything up, but then I've not looked especially hard... I've got 7 servers next to me, all of which are in the middle of having Windows installed. Gotta get the domain and other IT services up and running for 8:30 am Monday... yeah. Bring on the quad espresso.
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