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VM question on increasing MEM

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  • VM question on increasing MEM

    First post go easy.

    I'm new to VMware, but I have created and running, WinXp VM for home use.
    Just trying to learn a little about what it can/can't do, is it's speed comparable to the host operating system ect.

    My question is now that I have it running can I increase the memory allocation or does it require starting from scratch and reloading windows. I only allocated 64K. I'm now thinking 250K or 512K maybe more, you suggest??

    Question 2: Same situation as the first question except I would like to increase the disk allocation from 8 gig to some larger size. (is a do over required??)

    If either question is possible without a complete rework please inform me as to how this can be accomplished.

    Host system:
    Windows XP
    200 gig HD
    4 gig RAM

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: VM question on increasing MEM

    Presumably you mean 64MB... XP on 64K of RAM would be...

    Which VMware product are you using? I believe most if not allow all will allow you to change the memory allocation - VMware Workstation certainly does.

    As for increasing the size of the hard drive, again this will depend on which product you're using. Google will tell you what you want to know...
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      Re: VM question on increasing MEM

      To change the amount of RAM that is allocated to a VM:

      Shut down the VM. Go to the Settings for the VM. Go to the RAM setting and edit as required.

      To increase the size of a harddrive check out this link and follow method 2.

      Let us know how you get on.
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        Re: VM question on increasing MEM

        Guys, none of you was disturbed by the fact that this post deals with VMWare, so it resides in the wrong forum?
        Moved to VMWAre forum...

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