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Advice on rationalisation and virtualisation

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  • Advice on rationalisation and virtualisation


    We have about 35+ physical servers carrying out various taks, these tasks seem to be lumped together on a particular server, ie our accounts server is a SQL server, Application Server and a IIS server. We have a few servers like that.

    We have been looking at Virtualistaion and have had a quote for 86,000 (2 ESX server, 1 virtual centre, 2 switches and a 4.3 Tb SAS SAN (plus VM software)

    My request for advice is i am thinking of taking this opportunity to rationalise all the servers and only have 4 or 5 virtual servers. A Database server, a fileserver, a application server, etc.. hoping therefore these servers can be optimised for each function. Is this a good idea? or is virtualising the servers like for like the best way.

    any advice would be welcome