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ESXi Hard Disk Q

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  • ESXi Hard Disk Q


    Can't seem to create a dynamic / non pre allocated disk type with ESXi.

    I understand the pre allocated is faster etc but i just dont have the hard drive space atm for backups etc for the setup of the system.

    Also tried the diskmanager commands from a vmware server install but cant seem to get ESXi to detect the file.

    Previous thread below;


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    Re: ESXi Hard Disk Q

    What steps have you followed and where are you failing?

    Are you using vmkfstools with the RCLI to create the thin provisioned disk?

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      Re: ESXi Hard Disk Q

      i am creating Virtual machines then adding an existing hard disk that i create with vmkfstools though i am not familiar with the term RCLI?

      The problem occurs when i try the copy the Virtual machines folder and the size seems to increase almost infinitley (never waited more than an hour) eg disk is physically 1.7gb max disk size 100gb when copying goes over 1.7gb.

      Also copying is extremely slow?

      I am hoping it is just my vmkfstools command that is incorrect



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        Re: ESXi Hard Disk Q

        ok the copying of files through standard means IE cp command wont work you need to use the vmkfstools -i (clone) option to copy vmdk files.

        So thats ok but i have installed Windows services for Unix on WinXP machine and cannot copy vmdk files from the ESXi local datastore to the NFS share on the WinXP machine, recieve different , access denied, file too large etc.

        has anyone tried the above before?

        I hope some of my posted info can help any other searchers out there.