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  • No Internet Connection

    I have a strange problem from just a few days ago, I lost internet access on my WindowsXP VM. I had it setup bridged directly to the physical network. It had it's own IP (172.16.x.x) address. It was working until this past Monday where I couldn't access the Internet anymore. I've looked at it's IP settings, and they're the same as they were before it was working.

    I think I've tried just about every IP/network settings and have reinstalled and nothing still. What I want out of it for the VM to have internet access, and me be able to access it from my host machine.

    Anyone know? I'll be glad to provide more info. Pulling my hair out right now. I'm running VMware Workstation 6.0.5 build-109488. Thanks!

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    Re: No Internet Connection

    Is your VMware Workstation host Windows or Linux? You can try unbinding the VMware bridge protocol from the pNIC, then rebind it. In Windows, the way you do this is right click on the pNIC, choose properties, uncheck the VMware bridge protocol, apply, reboot, then re-check the VMware bridge protocol, reboot, test.

    Check your VMNET bindings in VMware Workstation host network configuration. Make sure VMNET0 is still bound to the pNIC and make sure your VM is configured to use VMNET0. You could try changing VMNET0 to a different NIC if you have one, apply, change it back, apply, test.

    Not exactly sure what went wrong here. You'll have to putz with it. Workstation ships with a utility called vnetsniffer.exe (located in the installation directory). That may provide some help.

    Also, VMworkstation 6.5.0 is available. Why not upgrade? Your existing license key for 6.0.x will work with 6.5.0.
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      Re: No Internet Connection

      I would first start with the basics

      Ping localhost
      Ping VM IP
      ping VM Gateway
      Ping Host PC
      Ping host gateway
      Ping external IP (

      What do you get from all of these?
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