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Wireless Connection problem qith M server

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  • Wireless Connection problem qith M server

    I am using Windows VM server on my Laptop and On VM sever I have installed XP Professional and Microsoft server 2003 but my wireless doesn't work with both of it. Is anyone knows how can i make it work?

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    Re: Wireless Connection problem qith M server

    More detail required.

    You are running Microsoft Virtual Server 2005?

    What is the host operating system on your laptop? Virtual Server is unsupported on desktop editions of Windows.

    What steps have you taken to setup your virtual machines with regards to networking?
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      Re: Wireless Connection problem qith M server

      Sorry not the Windows VM server, It's VM Server 2.0 (

      On My laptop m using Windows Vista Home addition and Installed Windows XP pro and Server 2003 on VM.



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        Re: Wireless Connection problem qith M server

        If you are using VMWare, then why you post your question in the VirtualPC / Virtual Server forum ?!?
        Please read the forum rules before anything else!

        Administrative note: Moved to the right forum.

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          Re: Wireless Connection problem qith M server

          You will need to set the virtual network settings of your Vmware Server to bridge/NAT the wireless adapter
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            Re: Wireless Connection problem qith M server

            Yes i'd agree with Maish, put them on a separate network address and use nat to communicate with the host.
            You should put them in a team also.
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