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Confusions some Solutions and Explain plz ??????

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  • Confusions some Solutions and Explain plz ??????

    in Vista i install vmware workstation6 and in vmware workstation (create team one server and one client i click one bridge network sometime NAT )

    and i using manaul config TCP/ip in vmware worksatin on both guest machine

    i nothing seeing network adapter in vista network connection but still work..
    i using ip ( server) ( for xp)
    and my network is working even internet
    but you see in attached picture have different IP

    how they network working
    my given ip is different and in picture ip is different.

    in picture one vmware network editor >summary.. how i remove vmnet0 vmnet1 ,vmnet8 etc.....

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    Re: Confusions some Solutions and Explain plz ??????

    Please can you clarify exactly what you are trying to understand, as it isn't clear from your post.

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      Re: Confusions some Solutions and Explain plz ??????

      Please provide the results of ipconfig /all on both VMs, then explain what is not working. What I got from your post is that internet access works but maybe the two VMs cannot talk to each other?

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