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Virtualization of an application

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  • Virtualization of an application

    Good day to everyone,

    I have an application that I would like to serve to around 300 odd people in a company, the application will be served through a dedicated server in a hosting environment but for performance issues I would like to know if you have any ideas on what options would be the best to serve such application to reduce as much bandwidth and cpu/ram resources.

    My thoughts were:

    1. Terminal Services (might use a lot of BW and not sure if it will be able to handle that amount of people logging in).

    2. Citrix (this might reduce the BW used on the server and resources I guess).

    3. ThinAPP (not sure if this is a solution as I am unsure if the application will work in such a way that it will connect to the dedicated server, the application uses MSSQL databases, I havent used this application yet, or well I did for like 5 mins to try it out, but it doesnt really help in this occassion I guess, maybe I am wrong).

    Any other suggestions?

    Is there anything similar to citrix where a user can login through some method, I dont care the method, either RDP or web server to launch the application in a virtual mode so they can work on it.

    Thanks very much.

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    Re: Virtualization of an application


    I can think of two other possible solutions on the information that you have provided.
    Have you checked the documentation to see if the application comes with some sort of Frontend Web interface ?? If not look into creating one by using You can then share that amongst your users. Best option in my opinion for subsystem resource usage but hard to implement.

    The other option would be to package the application using SVS or similar and then Deploy to the users desktop as an Application layer.
    We use this method through Altiris to deploy and manage all the software in parts of our Org.
    For more info:

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      Re: Virtualization of an application

      Hello L4ndy,

      Thanks for the link will have a look at it now.
      Unfortunately the program doesnt have a web interface, this would have solved the problem from the start, but will see if the programmers will be able to code something for it. As this would reduce costs further more.

      Not familiar with the program you talk about, but will try it out and see if it does the job


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        Re: Virtualization of an application

        You can look at 2X or Softgrid for application virtualization. 2X is likely to be cheaper and easier.


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          Re: Virtualization of an application

          The 4SysOps blog recently had a relatively in-depth study of the application virtualization market. You may find it interesting. Start with this blog post and then work your way through the successive posts listed in the "Articles in the series:" list at the end.
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            Re: Virtualization of an application

            What's with the quote at the end of your post? Are you trying to make a signature? If so, you have to make it in your UserCP.
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              Re: Virtualization of an application

              Wired, indeed sorry didnt get the chance to do it, but will do straight after this post.

              joeqwerty - Thanks a lot man, I will look at 2x

              Nonapeptide - Great link thanks, reading it now.


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                Re: Virtualization of an application

                Looks like most of the companies compact a program into one executable even though this is nice technology to deal with, I need something more of a streaming type. Something that would compare to the citrix presentation server.

                E.g. User goes to the web interface, logs in and sees the list of applications that can be launched. User launches the application, a temporary vpn is created between the client and server, application runs and is able to use the internal databases of the server.