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2 Sites, 2 Server's, 2 Storage Apps - Oracle DR Solution

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  • 2 Sites, 2 Server's, 2 Storage Apps - Oracle DR Solution


    We have two data centres that will each host a
    • HP Proliant DL385 with Oracle 10g
    • NetApp Storevault S500 - Raid 4 (connect via ISCSI)
    • Autoload Stacker connected to NetApp Storevault S500 (NDMP)

    The second Datacentre is for Disaster Recovery and we have one hour to bring it up.

    We are currently using a RMAN script to do a online backup that copies the oracle dbf files and archive logs to the S500 and Storvault manager then replicates the LUN to the other storevault LUN in data centre 2. Rman then imports the dbf files and archive logs into oracle and then we bring up oracle.

    This process is not simple as we cannot replicate to a lun when it's online and when we bring it online, windows does not detect it and requires multiple reboots and then sometimes oracle doesnt work once everything is imported.

    Now, i'm thinking the best way to do this is by Virtualisation using VI3 and having it all in one VM.
    • Install ESX Server on the 2 HP Proliants.
    • Create a VM with oracle installed in data centre one
    • Use VMotion Storage that will move the VM from one storage device to the other and power up VM in datacentre two

    Is this viable?

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    Re: 2 Sites, 2 Server's, 2 Storage Apps - Oracle DR Solution

    Yes and No.

    In theory it would work for a planned DR/BCP test assuming a few things:
    1. You have 1 VirtualCenter management server managing ESX hosts in both datacenters
    2. You can sVMotion your VM from datacenter 1 to datacenter 2 in an hour or less
    3. The destination datacenter has the same subnet(s) as the origin datacenter so no network changes are needed to the VM to bring it up on the network in the destination datacenter

    The flaw in all of this logic is that it only suits a planned DR/BCP test. If you have an actual disaster in your main datacenter, don't assume you'll have the ability to sVMotion a VM to the other datacenter.

    sVMotion is not a technology that keeps two VMs replicated with each other and in sync over the course of time. it's a one time, one way push of the VM from point A to point B.

    What you'd actually be looking for is a product designed with your specific use in mind. I know of at least two that currently exists (vReplicator from Vizioncore, and VMware SRM - Site Recovery Manager). FT (formerly known as continuous availability) is coming from VMware sometime in the future, likely VI4 but it is more meant as a means of continuous availability of a VM in one datacenter - I don't think its purpose is for offsite DR/BCP.
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