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Virtual 64 bit SQL Server

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  • Virtual 64 bit SQL Server

    I am running ESX Server 3.5 talking to a Cisco 6509 talking to a Netapp 2050. My ESX server is connected via ISCSI to my Netapp. Does anyone have a setup like this? My SQL server is also running microsoft ISCSI initiator. This setup works but my SQL server seems to be asking for more memory. I have already dedicated 20gigs to this server. My disk utilization is also showing low according to my Idera SQL Diagnostic manager software. My setup works but I think something is off somewhere. Any input will be greatly appreciated. More indepth info on my setup can be provided if need be.
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    Re: Virtual 64 bit SQL Server

    Due to the fact that you're running ESX server, your question belongs to the VMWare forum, not this one.
    Therefore, thread moved!

    Sorin Solomon

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      Re: Virtual 64 bit SQL Server

      You have 20gb of ram allacoted to this one guest on your ESX Server (how much physical RAM)?

      Are there any other VM's running on the ESX Server?

      A bit more info please...
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        Re: Virtual 64 bit SQL Server

        The ESX Server box has 32gigs of RAM. There are other vm's but their memory is set to like 512mb. Basically what i'm asking is do I use Microsoft ISCSI intiator along with ESX Server iSCSI software adapter?


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          Re: Virtual 64 bit SQL Server


          Why do you have to use MS iSCSI initiator? If you are trying to access the iSCSI disk directly from the VM, ESX can do that for you and you can present the disk/volume to the VM as a Virtual HardDisk.

          I admin i have never used MS iSCSI initiator from a VM in a production envionment. I don't think that should cause the problem. Besides this what is the NIC you are using inside the VM?

          A bit more information about you VM, like the OS you are runing the SCSI card and the NIC would help.

          Surya Kiran C


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            Re: Virtual 64 bit SQL Server

            I have the exact same setup (except different Cisco switches). The post above is right, dont use the MS iSCSI initiator. Use what's built into VMWare to advertise the disks to the OS. Also, how do you know that SQL is asking for more RAM? The way SQL works, it will use all the RAM you give it by design (it caches for speed) but does not mean you dont have enough RAM.


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              Re: Virtual 64 bit SQL Server

              Hey Surya,
              This is my VM setup.
              1. VM machine running W2K3 64bit SE with SQL 2005 64bit w/20Gigs allocated to VMand 18Gigs dedicated to SQL
              2. There are two NICs assigned to the VM - one with IPs for Microsoft ISCSI Initiator talking to a vSwitch with a Virtual Machine Port Group, Service Console Port, and VMkernel Port.
              The other with network IPs talking to a vSwitch with Virtual Machine Port Group.
              I was told to use the Microsoft ISCSI Initiator to separate traffic going to SQL databases and regular LAN traffic.

              Hope this is the info you requested. Appreciate the help.