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  • Patching ESX

    so with the latest batch of patches for ESX being spewed forth from VMWare, I'm curious as to how many people apply these. Do you apply every patch? Or do you wait until they fix a problem you are experiencing and then patch? Or your ESX box(es) is / are running so rock solid that Atlas would baulk at trying to move them that you just don't patch?

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    Re: Patching ESX

    avoid like the plague! A collegue of mine used the latest ESX patch and it caused him untold grief :(

    I'll get more info off him tomorrow.
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      Re: Patching ESX

      If you have a known fault and need it fixed then you apply it in a test environment. Once you know it is ok you apply it live.

      Having said that a lot of compaines can't afford a test environment so it is best to wait as long as possible to see if other people bring up issues first. Forums are a great source of info.

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        Re: Patching ESX

        Originally posted by Klunk View Post
        avoid like the plague! A collegue of mine used the latest ESX patch and it caused him untold grief :(
        ^^^ A generalization of one person's experience which provides little help to everyone else.

        Some patches address security vulnerabilities or stability issues and shouldn't be avoided.

        It goes without saying you should test patches in a lab or development/qa environment before rolling them out to production hosts. I've run into a total of 3 patches that I had issues with deploying. Two of them I eventually got installed but the effect was they disrupted the automated patch process in Update Manager. The 3rd one was the nasty timebomb issue of August 12th 2008 which anyone who's worth their salt in the VMware arena knows about.

        Virtualization platforms are gaining popularity and market share in the datacenters. As this happens, they become a larger target for malware, mischief, and sometimes just poor QA or application development. Although I don't necessarily condone the rollout of new updates straight to a production environment a day after their release, I'd consider it a poor practice to ignore vendor hotfixes and patches altogether.

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          Re: Patching ESX

          hear hear!!

          As Jas said, test test and test again...

          Then deploy

          don't leave yourself with exposed...
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