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ESXi / MD3000i Question

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  • ESXi / MD3000i Question

    Our company has started to look at virtualization to set up specific environments for testing of our company software.

    Recently, we purchased a Dell PowerEdge 1950 server and a Dell PowerVault MD3000i SAN storage device. Both the server and the SAN have four NICs. Here are the IP settings:


    NIC 1:
    NIC 2: Disabled
    NIC 3:
    NIC 4:


    NIC 1:
    NIC 2:
    NIC 3:
    NIC 4:

    I've installed ESXi on the server and set up a client that has the Infrastructure Client software installed. I'm able to connect to the server on the IP address. I've gone in and created one virtual switch each for NIC 3 and NIC 4.

    Next, I've gone into the iSCSI Software Adapter and placed a check mark to get the iSCSI name. I've gone into the SAN device and set up a host with this iSCSI name and attached the virtual drive that we want to use to store the virtual machines to this host.

    Next, I've gone back to the VMWare Infrastructure Client and added the four IP addresses for the SAN NICs to the Dynamic Discovery tab of the iSCSI Software Adapter.

    Now, when I try and do a re-scan, the software doesn't find the array that we have configured for use.

    I spent two hours on the phone with Dell Tech Support and they couldn't help. He kept saying it should work. Can anyone here provide some assistance please?

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    Re: ESXi / MD3000i Question

    Originally posted by plehry View Post
    I've gone in and created one virtual switch each for NIC 3 and NIC 4.
    Did you create VMKernel portgroups on these virtual switches to connect to the iSCSI storage?

    Is the hardware on the HCL?

    Are you attempting to use CHAP authentication with iSCSI storage?

    Ensure the firewall ports/services are open/enabled for swISCSI (esxcfg-firewall command in the console)

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      Re: ESXi / MD3000i Question

      1. except for the iSCSI, are the management ports accessible on the MD box?
      2. the LUNs, are they set to be Linux, or did you leave them in the Windows default?
      3. is there a switch connected in the middle, or direct cables?
      4. controller firmware on the MD has to be correct for the usage you have in mind (cluster/standalone)
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