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ESX 3.5: Observed IP Ranges

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  • ESX 3.5: Observed IP Ranges

    I plugged my gigabit switch directly into my FIOS router. I have the ESX Host plugged into the gigabit switch. The DHCP is on the FIOS router. The DHCP IP range is set to to with a subnet mask of . The vmnic0/vSwitch0/Observed IP Range is showing: - . There has to be a way to change the Observed IP Range or have ESX host recognize the DHCP on the FIOS Router.

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    Re: ESX 3.5: Observed IP Ranges

    I wouldn't pay much attention to that observed IP range. I've found that it's not always accurate so I'm not sure what good it really is.

    It sounds like the crux of the problem is that your ESX console is not acquiring a DHCP lease from your FIOS router. Possible causes:
    1. ESX isn't configured for DHCP
    2. Link speed/duplex issue on the pNIC
    3. Cabling issue? Have you checked for link lights?
    4. FIOS router allows only 1 lease to a MAC address that's reserved by whatever used to be getting the DHCP lease. Reboot your FIOS router, then trying re-obtaining a DHCP lease with the ESX host.
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